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"No Way Out" by Clarence Reid

You’ve heard me rave about the Eccentric Soul series from the Numero Group label outta Chicago; well, this record—The Outskirts Of Deep City—is a companion to The Deep City Label.  And while we’re on the subject, why is it so many Soul records so perfectly convey anxiety and apprehension?  Soul can be sexy, Soul can be fun, but more often than not Soul is the soundtrack to troubled times.  Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

ArtistClarence Reid
TitleNo Way Out
AlbumEccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City
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"Gospel Train" by Sound Of Soul

Just the other day I picked up a couple more of those Numero Group compilations.  If you haven’t heard me rave about this label before, basically they go digging through the archives of defunct indie labels—mostly Soul labels, but there’s so much more—and they put together handsome compilations of great music you otherwise might never have heard.  This compilation is called Broddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio.  Seems this man Broddie was an electronics wiz, a genuine technological genius, but he was the only man in his class who couldn’t get a cush job because, well, he was black and it was the ’40s.  So he founded his own recording company and several labels, and worked endless side-jobs to keep his business afloat.  As luck would have it, Cleveland had a thriving Soul scene in those days, and Broddie recorded some amazing music with his mom-and-pop operation.  Check it out.

ArtistSound Of Soul
TitleGospel Train
AlbumBroddie Recording Companie: Cleveland, Ohio
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Yes, folks, Doc Shoe is back.  Sorry for the prolonged absence; did you miss me?  Just to kick things off in style, here’s a scorchin’ soul number, a platter that matters, a blast from the past that’s a golden gas, “Good Thing Pt. 1” by Frank Williams & The Rocketeers, available on Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label.  I post a lot of tracks from the Numero Group label outta Chicago, and for good reason: They do a fine job of rescuing great music from obscurity, and that’s a cause I can get behind.

ArtistFrank Williams & The Rocketeers
TitleGood Thing Pt. 1
AlbumEccentric Soul: The Deep City Label

Today was my last trip to the record store for what may be a long time.

My girlfriend and I are leaving San Francisco and moving to Illinois, where I’m originally from.  I love the Bay Area—how could anyone not love this place?—but we’re broke.  We’ve got jobs waiting for us in Illinois, but here, we’re barely making ends meet.

I intend to move back here when I can afford to, but in the meantime, I’m going to miss this place.  I’ll especially miss the record stores here, and the venues.  It’ll be hard saying goodbye to Thee Parkside.

So I went down to Green Apple Books—at the corner of 6th and Clement, if you’ve never been there—and exchanged a bunch of old books and CD’s I don’t want anymore for store credit, and went on what might be my last record-buying binge for some time.

If it weren’t for the Buzzcocks CD playing on my stereo, I’d probably be crying right now.

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If you love Soul music—and how could you not?—you need to check out the Eccentric Soul series, from the Numero label, which specializes in putting out awesome collections of previously obscure Soul songs.  This is taken from Numero 001: The Capsoul Label, a collection of singles released by the short-lived Capsoul label in Columbus, Ohio.  This label was a regional hit and recorded some of the best talent in Ohio, but never got any national attention.  Every song on this collection is a gem.  This particular track is from Bill Moss, who later became a lifelong political activist.

ArtistBill Moss
TitleNumber One
AlbumEccentric Soul Vol. 1: The Capsoul Label
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More from the Eccentric Soul series. I think buchananking pretty much says it all:

If you can’t appreciate this song, I can’t appreciate you.

ArtistEddie Ray
TitleWait a Minute
AlbumEccentric Soul: The Prix Label
Album Art

Hey folks.  We’ll be wrapping up our Devo Marathon on Sunday afternoon here at Doc Shoe’s Music Blog, but come next week we’ll be dedicating a couple days to our Soul Marathon.  Just as a preview, here’s Helene Smith on the long-neglected Deep City label out of Miami.  If this track doesn’t do anything for you, I want to know what planet you’re from and what kinda music they listen to there.

Keep on rockin’ in the Free World, folks—

Doc Shoe

ArtistHelene Smith
TitleI Am Controlled By Your Love
AlbumEccentric Soul Vol. 3: The Deep City Label