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"Atomic Dog" covered by Wreck

Yup, another selection from Chris’s Stash.  This is from Black Box, a collection celebrating the legendary Chicago indie label WaxTrax! Records

TitleAtomic Dog [LP Version]
AlbumBlack Box: WaxTrax! Records - The First 13 Years
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More from Chris’s Stash: Correct me if I’m wrong, but this band features Blixa Bargeld from the early Bad Seeds lineup, right?  What a trippy record.

ArtistEinstürzende Neubauten
TitleIn Circles
AlbumSilence Is Sexy
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More from Chris’s Stash: Chris was keen on introducing me to Trent Reznor's various side-projects.  This one, How To Destroy Angels, caught my ear.  They’ve got a new album out, and I may just have to check it out.

ArtistHow To Destroy Angels
AlbumHow To Destroy Angels
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"My Suicide" by The Angels Of Light

Chris burned me Swans’ The Great Annihilator (all I’d ever heard was the Young God EP) and then recommended this album. 

Back in the day with his band Swans, multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira would beat a chain against a metal table just to add an extra level of cacophony to brutal records like "Raping A Slave."  Eventually he disbanded Swans and formed this band, The Angels Of Light, with a much more melodic sound—the better to lure you in with. 

Yup, my first impression is that this band is just as fucked-up as Swans, in the best possible way.

Chris’s Stash #3

ArtistThe Angels Of Light
TitleMy Suicide
AlbumHow I Loved You
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"Avalanche" by Zola Jesus

Aside from the just-this-side-of-Synth-Punk oddity “Odessa” on a Fathers and Sons of Garage Punk comp, I’d never heard anything by Zola Jesus before, and Conatus is one helluva record to begin with.  She’s opera-trained, apparently—just listen to those vocals!  She worked closely with a producer and spent months on the trippy synth rhythms, some live drums, ambient effects, etc.  It’s much more slickly produced than my usual listening fare, but there’s a rigorous minimalism to this album that I respect: remove one element and the whole thing would unravel.  Nothing is superfluous.  I’m still not quite sure what to make of this album, but I know I’ll be playing it again in the near future.

Chris’s Stash #2

ArtistZola Jesus
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"Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels

If you haven’t yet listened to The Black Angels, their debut album Passover will make you a fucking believer.  It’s about our botched War On Terror—or any war, really, since there’s very little difference to the poor sons of bitches doing the fighting.  But never mind the lyrics, listen to that sound: the guitars buzz with paranoia, and Alex Maas sings like a prophet frightened by his own nightmares. 

Chris’s Stash #1

ArtistThe Black Angels
TitleYoung Men Dead

Like Doc Shoe’s Mama Always Said: It’s Important to Try New Things

My friend Chris brought me thirty-eight albums on a thumb drive.  Thirty-eight albums, carefully selected to blow my fucking mind.  To a geek like me, this is better than a free trip to Disneyland.

What’s more interesting is, there’s so little overlap between my library and Chris’s.  I never even heard of most of these bands. I’ve now got a pile of music that’s completely different from anything I normally listen to.  And I dig that.  I love being introduced to new sounds.

Over the next week or so I’m going to work my way through these thirty-eight records, one by one, posting songs as I go.  You may not like all of them.  Hell, I don’t expect to like all of them.  But that’s how it works: you’ve got to do some digging to find that next record that gets you excited.  That’s what we do here.  And along the way we’ll explore some off-the-wall weird fucking music.

This oughtta be fun.  Just click the Chris’s Stash tag to follow along, folks, and keep on rockin’ in the Free World—

Doc Shoe