Doing Your Christmas Shopping?  Here’s An Idea…

My family is very conservative.  Severely conservative, you might say.  And every Christmas my Aunt Jan—the only other person in my family who reads books—will bring me some piece of shit by Dick Morris or Ann Coulter.  She means well, but it gets old.

After Tuesday’s elections I found myself standing in the bookstore, looking at the books in the Current Affairs section, and thinking: What if I try the same thing?

This Christmas, pick out a few books for your Conservative friend.  Not the whack-job who thinks Rush Limbaugh is the word of God, but that Right-leaning friend of yours who’s hopefully still capable of rational thought.  Instead of picking a fight with him, bring him a Christmas present.

If Tuesday’s elections proved anything, it’s that our friends on the Right are living in a media bubble—and that bubble just got burst.  It’s time to introduce these guys to a much broader world of information they’ve been denied for too long.

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    i have a masters in history and i haven’t read any of these books. i need to. erica has been reading the shock doctrine....
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    If there is one book that should be required reading for everyone, it’s A People’s History. You know very little about...
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