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"Radio, Radio" by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Maybe you’ve heard this story before.  Elvis Costello was just beginning his recording career, his first album was available only as an import here in the U.S., and when he appeared on Saturday Night Live the record label wanted him to perform “Less Than Zero.”  The band got just a few bars into the song before Costello called them to a halt and announced, “There’s no reason to play this song here.”  It was old material, he’d moved beyond it, and the song was meant to skewer a British politician anyhow—why play it in New York?  So they launched into "Radio, Radio" instead.  It’s a song that eviscerates commercial radio and the way it stifled Punk.  (As I’ve mentioned before, Costello wasn’t exactly Punk, but he was certainly a fellow-traveller.)  You may only know Elvis Costello as the friendly crooner and talk-show host he’s since become, but if you want to know about Elvis Costello the musician, let me tell you: He did all his best work when he was pissed off.

ArtistElvis Costello
TitleRadio, Radio
AlbumThis Year's Model
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    Just watched that performance. He does indeed looked pissed off in it. Great song.
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    forever and ever and ever so in love with him.
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