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"Gimme Heroin" by Morning Glory

Stza Crack may helm half a dozen bands at any given time, but Leftover Crack's guitarist Ezra Kire has got a side-project of his own, the oft-overlooked Morning Glory.  It’s got that gentle-then-manic style of your favorite Crack Rock Steady bands, but with more emphasis on the Pop Punk and Ska influences.  I honestly don’t remember if this band was a longstanding project of Ezra’s or something he put together when he and Stza had that falling-out a few years back, but that’s beside the point.  The point is, this record fucking rules.

ArtistMorning Glory
TitleGimme Heroin
AlbumThe Whole World Is Watching
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  13. rawpowerwritings said: Hey dude, this is a long standing project of his, I believe they used to play on the same bill as Leftöver Crack from time to time too. I think they have a new album coming out if it’s not out already.
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