Don’t touch that dial, folks, because next week we’ll be having a Jay Reatard Marathon here at Doc Shoe’s Music Blog.  Most of you certainly won’t need me to preach the Gospel of Jimmy Lee Lindsey—he found a wide audience with his final records before he died at the age of 29—but I know that some of you, including my friend and roommate Johnny, are curious about the many other bands Jay Reatard played and recorded with.  The dude made something like thirty albums and countless singles with at least a dozen bands in his lifetime, and we’ll be exploring his wild and bewildering back-catalog with posts from Lost Sounds, Nervous Patterns, Final Solutions, Terror Visions, The Reatards, Angry Angles, and Bad Times, not to mention a couple rarities from his solo career.

So stay tuned, folks, and keep on rockin’ in the Free World—

Doc Shoe

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